Dilbert creator Scott Adams tells Fox News Trump "isn't just changing politics, he's changing the human condition"

"I see in him the highest level of skill in persuasive technique I've ever seen in any human being alive"

Published March 7, 2016 1:54PM (EST)

Scott Adams (Credit: Fox News)
Scott Adams (Credit: Fox News)

On Fox & Friends Sunday, Dilbert creator and trained hypnotist Scott Adams claimed that Donald Trump is "changing not just politics, but how we're looking at the human condition."

Adams claimed that there's nothing "new about there being inconsistencies in [a candidate's] budget, but if you say 'He waited a nanosecond too long to denounce the KKK,' that's probably based on something that's not real, he's probably not a racist -- he's just probably thinking about something else."

"The things that are most likely to not be true," he continued -- completely oblivious to the fact that Trump may have been using his non-denunciation as a way to cater to Southern voters on Super Tuesday -- "those are the things that are most likely to be interesting."

Tucker Carlson replied that "many of the conventional rules of politics are invalid this season, so does that mean 'Trump rules' will apply?"

Adams said that all of Cruz's best moments in the debates were "when he left logic, reason, and facts," and embraced "full Trumpism," which according to him -- as someone "who has a background in hypnosis, and a background in persuasion" -- means that the GOP front-runner is using "the science of persuasion."

"I see in him the highest level of skill in terms of just persuasive technique that I've ever seen in any human being alive," he concluded.

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

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