On "SNL" Ben Carson says, "Bye, America, it's been weird," as he endorses the Donald

And Larry David as Bernie Sanders is back: "My message is resonating with a very diverse group of white people"

Published March 13, 2016 4:00PM (EDT)

"Saturday Night Live" cold-opened last night's episode lampooning Ben Carson's (Jay Pharoah) endorsement of Donald Trump (announcer and alum Darrell Hammond).

"Dr. Ben Carson is a very special man," Hammond-as-Trump began. "And, for once, I don't mean that as an insult to the mentally challenged."

"I am so thrilled to be here today," Pharoah-as-Carson said. "I am positively turnt."

"I have learned there are two Donald Trumps," he continued. "There's the man you've seen every night onstage for eight months -- the guy who calls people losers and brags about his penis. But there's also the friendly man I had breakfast with earlier today for 10 minutes. He gave me a muffin."

"OK, that's enough for now," Trump interjected. "Let's get this guy a juice box and a nap."

"Bye, America," Carson said. "It's been weird."

Next up, Bernie Sanders (Larry David) appeared via satellite from his hotel room in Illinois fresh off his upset win in Michigan.

Asked how he pulled off said feat, David-as-Sanders said he "spent a lot of time in Michigan."

"I don't know if you're aware of this," he explained. "But they give you 10 cents for recycled cans. I made a fortune."

"My message is resonating with a very diverse group of white people," he continued. "I've got supporters of all ages: 18-year-olds, 19-year-olds. And that's it. The young people love me ... because I'm just like them -- I've got a lot of big plans and absolutely no idea how to achieve them."

Watch the full sketch below:

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