Ted Cruz vows to honor his pledge to support GOP nominee despite violence at Donald Trump rallies — on one condition

That condition being that Trump doesn't actually murder someone on the streets of NYC

Published March 14, 2016 4:47PM (EDT)

 Ted Cruz and Donald Trump (Reuters/Tami Chappell/Chris Keane/Photo montage by Salon)
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump (Reuters/Tami Chappell/Chris Keane/Photo montage by Salon)

GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz reiterated on the eve of two significant primaries he's likely to lose -- Ohio and Florida, in which 10 percent of the available delegates are in play -- that he'll support whichever candidate the Republican base rallies behind, even if that's Donald Trump. He does, however, have one condition.

"If," Cruz said by way of example, "he were to go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, I would not be willing to support Donald Trump." The Texas senator was referring to a comment made by Trump himself on January 23rd that he "could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."

The pointed nature of Cruz's condition is not, however, a product of the uptick in violence at recent Trump rallies -- he is simply a man of his word, up to a point. "It's a shocking concept to members of the media," he said, "that an elected official actually does what he says, [but] at the outset of this campaign, I committed [to] support[ing] the Republican nominee, and I honor my word."

Just in case the assembled journalists didn't know what that meant -- and to dog-whistle at anyone watching that he doesn't believe they do -- Cruz defined what he meant by "honoring your word," which "means you actually honor word, you do what you say you would do. I think this is revolutionary, especially when you have a candidate like Donald Trump who changes his position on a given issue two or three times on the same debate stage."

The vacillating Donald Trump being, of course, the very candidate Cruz is pledging to support, so long as doesn't actually leave someone to bleed out on the streets of New York City.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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