Twitter reacts to Marco Rubio's official relegation from "presidential contender" to "just another Florida Man about to snap"

"RIP Marco Rubio's National Political Career (2009-2016)"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
March 16, 2016 5:04AM (UTC)
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Marco Rubio (Jeff Malet,

To the surprise of no one who was paying attention, Florida Senator Marco Rubio was forced to suspend his campaign tonight after Donald Trump won a resounding victory in his home state -- and Twitter reacted as it's wont to react:

At least the once-and-future "Cuban-American Barack Obama" still has career alternatives:


It's not entirely clear whether everyone is sincerely upset:

Not that we won't remember him fondly:

And in case you need to update your bracket:

File this under "We Can Only Hope":

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