Bill Maher diagnoses Donald Trump: "He's a spoiled 5-year-old throwing a tantrum"

In a raucous new segment, the "Real Time" host blames Trump's presidential run on America's "self-esteem movement"

Published March 19, 2016 1:30PM (EDT)

As part of his "New Rules" segment, "Real Time" host Bill Maher clobbered Donald Trump and what he called "the self-esteem movement" -- the latter facilitating the former, he argued.

"Stop trying to pin the rise of Donald Trump on easy targets like racism, xenophobia, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome," Maher said. "If there's anything scarier than the fact that Donald Trump thinks he's the most important person in the world, it's that in eight months, he could be."

"Every time the parent takes the kid's side over the teacher's, or asks a child where they want to go to dinner, or doesn't say be quiet when adults are talking," he continued, "you are creating the Donald Trumps of tomorrow."

"He's the white Kanye West," Maher added, noting Trump's narcissistic go-to boast: 'Nobody does/knows/builds X better than me.'

"I just want a reporter one time to ask him about humility," he continued. "So I could hear him say, 'There is nobody better at being humble than me.'"

Watch the full "New Rule" below:

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