Bernie Sanders is surprise Stephen Colbert guest: "What we need in the Democratic Party is some democracy"

Colbert to Sanders: Why are you obstructing Hillary's clear shot at the nomination?

Published April 1, 2016 11:14AM (EDT)

Bernie Sanders made a surprise appearance on the "Late Show" Thursday night as the "Mystery Guest" on host Stephen Colbert's popular "Wheel of News" segment.

Colbert asked Sanders, essentially, why he's obstructing Hillary Clinton's clear shot at the nomination and dooming the Democratic party to "the kind of chaos we've seen on the Republican side, where they will have a contested convention."

"We have won six of the last seven caucuses, most of them by landslide victories," Sanders reminded Colbert. "And I think superdelegates should listen to the will of their people."

"I think what we need in the Democratic Party is some democracy," he continued. "I would hope that superdelegates take a look at who the strongest Democratic candidate is. And, you know what, that's me."

And if you thought Bernie was lovable before, what 'til you watch him awkwardly fire a T-shirt cannon:

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