Megyn Kelly unloads on Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson for defending her candidate's constant flip-flopping

Of particular concern is his inability to offer consistent positions when any subject related to women is raised

Published April 1, 2016 12:06PM (EDT)

Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson (Credit: Fox News)
Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson (Credit: Fox News)

On Thursday evening's edition of The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly welcomed back Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, who attempted to defend the dramatic uptick of the number of policy and position reversals -- i.e., "flip-flops" -- her candidate has been compelled to perform in the past few weeks.

"He said the war in Afghanistan was a mistake," Kelly began, "then said that was misspeaking. He said that Obamacare -- that he likes the mandate -- then said he misspoke there. He said that women should be punished for abortion if abortion's made illegal, and now he said that he misspoke there. What say you?"

Pierson replied by saying "that when you're a political candidate for eight months, you are speaking off the cuff -- that's actually one of his appeals, that he's not a scripted politician." She went on to explain that on the issue of abortion, "Mr. Trump provided a statement...indicating that he did not want to punish women for having an illegal abortion."

"Then why did he say he did?" Kelly asked. "His critics say that it shows he hasn't thought the issue through."

"His critics are going to say anything," Pierson replied, not addressing the question at all. "We know that there's a full-scale anti-Trump movement going on, that the mainstream media -- everyone is out to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination."

Kelly pointed out that Trump has a 73 percent disapproval rate with women, and that when Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House, he "only" had a 51 percent disapproval rate, but that translated into 44 percent of the votes. "He was killed in that election," she continued. "How will Trump do better than that with a 73 percent disapproval rate?"

Watch the entire segment below via Mediaite.

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