Trevor Noah is in way over his head: Disastrous new interview proves he's not cut out for "The Daily Show"

Noah couldn't even keep eye-contact when asking Debbie Wasserman Schultz why the DNC is standing in Bernie's way

Published April 5, 2016 1:55PM (EDT)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah's friendly interview with Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz proved he would be the worst person to interview Donald Trump.

Noah time and again allowed Schultz to divert the topic of conversation to Republicans' "alienating" policies without her ever answering for the DNC's alleged Hillary Clinton favoritism.

Asked if she's happy with the increasingly contemptuous dialogue between Democratic candidates Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Schultz blamed the media for creating "drama ... that just isn't there."

Schultz favorably contrasted the Democratic candidates with "the clown car that has been riding around the country on the other side of the aisle," saying, "Every time (the Republican candidates) open their mouth, they do something to alienate somebody else."

After Schultz's diplomatic spiel, Noah broke eye contact with his guest to muscle out an allegation that "Bernie is being cock-blocked by the DNC."

"As powerful as that makes me feel," Schultz replied, "I'm not doing a very good job of rigging the outcome or blocking anyone from being able to get their message out."

Noah pressed the concern of Schultz's influence, noting the institution — unique to the Democratic primary — of superdelegates, who aren't beholden to any constituency and can, therefore, vote however they please at the convention.

"Doesn't the idea of a superdelegate go against the very idea that people should be voting for the people who represent them at the convention?" Noah asked.

"First of all, we've had superdelegates since I graduated high school in 1984," Schultz answered. "We have party activists, elected officials, and other leaders that are a part of our process, but who have never determined the outcome of our nominee. It's voters that can and should determine that outcome."

"We're gonna have our primary process unfold and a nominee will be chosen by the people who have cast votes well before we get to the convention," she continued. "And you'll watch the chaos unfold on the other side, where they are about to splinter into I don't know how many parts."

Noah once again conceded the floor for Schultz to dump on the GOP and avoid giving any potentially substantive answers.

In the extended interview, viewable on Comedy Central's website, Noah questioned the state of the Democratic party on the legislative level, performing so poorly on the "grassroots level" as to lose majorities in both houses of Congress during Obama's tenure.

Schultz again shirked the question in order to condemn Republicans, who, despite her sharpest criticisms, have been empowered to hijack Congress by her own party's nearsighted complacency.

Oh, but the DNC has a "victory task force" and a "multi-cycle plan" to rebuild the party's sphere of influence on the Hill, because we don't win anymore and we need to make America great again.

Find the extended interview below:

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