Fox News' Andrea Tantaros rips into Donald Trump: "Stop talking about women's looks" already and "stay on the issues"

"Stop going after Ted Cruz's wife and female journalists," she said, clearly not finished

Published April 6, 2016 1:12PM (EDT)

On The O'Reilly Factor's election night special Tuesday, host Bill O'Reilly spoke to a number of different commentators about essentially the same subject -- Donald Trump's inability to connect with female voters.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum noted that one reason Texas Senator Ted Cruz took Wisconsin is that "women in Wisconsin [were] not budging, which is not good news for Trump." She added that "he couldn't convince more than 35 percent of Republican women to vote him," whereas "among Republicans who are angry with the federal government, which is usually a Trump strength, 48 percent are going for Ted Cruz."

O'Reilly later invited Outnumbered's Andrea Tantaros and Democratic strategist Marry Anne Marsh on to discuss the topic, and Tantaros refused to mince her words. "He needs to stop talking about women's looks, and stay on the issues. He has to stop going after Ted Cruz's wife and female journalists -- he started his campaign with the powerful message of defending the late Kate Steinle, and now he should talk about radical Islam and how it threatens women's rights."

Marsh agreed, saying that "his only chance is to promote his version of equal pay for women, which is that if a woman does as good a job as a man, then she will be paid just as much. He needs to show that he's hired women and paid them as much as men. But Republicans will never win the women's vote."

O'Reilly countered that women have not fared any better under Barack Obama, which would be a sound point were the president running for a third term.

Watch the entire segment below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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