5 craziest Charlie Sheen bombshells from National Enquirer editor's Hollywood Reporter essay

According to Dylan Howard, Sheen once invited him to drink the star's urine if a drug test came back clean

Published April 7, 2016 8:49PM (EDT)

Charlie Sheen        (AP/Chris Pizzello)
Charlie Sheen (AP/Chris Pizzello)

Dylan Howard's bombshell Hollywood Reporter essay on Charlie Sheen, which traces the National Enquirer and Radar Online editor's tumultuous relationship with the "Two and a Half Men" star, is full of the insanity we've come to expect from reports about the troubled actor. Sheen is currently under investigation by Los Angeles police for "felony threats" he allegedly made to his ex-fiancée Scottine Ross (who performed as Brett Rossi), who claims that Sheen had unprotected sex with her while she was unaware of his HIV positive status.

In response to the explosive essay, a Sheen representative tells The Hollywood Reporter: "It's unfortunate that Dylan Howard has such anger toward Charlie, which, ironically, was caused by the anger that Charlie's ex-fiance Brett Rossi took out on Dylan over the stories Dylan's publications were writing about her."

Here are 5 of the most shocking claims from Howard's story:

1. Sheen contracted HIV from "a transsexual lover"

Sheen revealed his HIV positive status in a November 2015 NBC interview, and claimed not to know how he had gotten the virus. Howard claims that an informant told him Sheen contracted HIV from "a transsexual lover" in 2011, after which he continued to have unprotected sex without telling partners of his condition. Sheen still claims ignorance as to how he became HIV positive.

2. The bizarre details around Sheen's 2008 arrest in Aspen, Colo. 

On Christmas morning 2008, Sheen's then-wife Brooke Mueller called Aspen police after a domestic dispute during which Mueller claimed that Sheen choked her and held a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her. Sheen faced felony domestic violence charges, which were later dropped in exchange for Sheen entering a guilty plea to a lesser misdemeanor count.

The dispute arose, Howard now claims, not over a Train song (Sheen's account to the police) or over Mueller's threat to divorce him and gain custody of their kids (Mueller's account to the police), but over "leverage" Mueller allegedly held over Sheen: "I was able to examine texts between Brooke and a secret lover that revealed a darker story. Charlie was also having sex with that same man at the time — and Brooke was secretly photographing and videoing the crack-fueled encounters."

3. Howard was first welcomed into Sheen's inner circle through in invitation to drink Sheen's urine

Howard wasn't always on the outs with Sheen — the beginning of his essay detailed the lengths he went to to secure a position as confidante with his one-time celebrity source. After rumors began circulating that Sheen was using drugs again in 2011, Howard writes that he confronted Sheen by text about the rumors. He says Sheen fired back with the following challenge: "Fly down here and test my pee. Lies are the fuels that cowards drink. How's it taste? When it's clean? Then what? Yeah, thought so. Pussy."

Howard writes that he took the challenge, to which Sheen retorted: "If you sign an agreement to DRINK it when it's clean then we are on. Plus, I get to film it. … Drink it. Fuck you c—. Who do you think you are?"

What Howard says happened next is straight out of a movie:

And so I found myself in Charlie's palatial Sherman Oaks mansion on Feb. 28, 2011. I was there to conduct an interview and to witness two drugs tests — a home urine test and a blood test conducted by a court-certified California laboratory technician — covering marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and alcohol.

He greeted me with a bear hug. "You've got balls, man," he said. "You've got big balls. Let's bury these naysayers. Let's make these trolls and fools go away forever. Let's just do it. Let's meet it head-on. You were in it to win it. With everything going on, I decided it was the right thing to do, and I found a guy who was as excited about it and who was as intense about it as I was, and I knew we were the right team to handle this." It was a typically florid Charlie rant, but the implication was clear: As far as Charlie was concerned, I was part of his team.

4. If Sheen couldn't buy his victims off, he bullied them into silence

In the four years between Sheen's diagnosis and his public admission of his HIV positive status, Howard claims that Sheen exposed "countless girlfriends, models, porn stars and prostitutes" to the virus via unprotected sex. Sheen told NBC he had paid more than $10 million to keep his secret under wraps. Howard claims payments have continued, and that Sheen made all visitors and sexual partners sign nondisclosure agreements which forbid them from the publicly sharing details of their contact with Sheen. According to Howard, "[T]his meant that anyone who wanted to accuse the star of knowingly having unprotected sex while HIV positive was muzzled before they could even seek recourse."

5. Sheen spent $1.6 million on sex workers in 2013

Howard claims to have acquired a ledger tallying Sheen's itemized expenditures for 2013, which included a massive $1.6 million line item for "friendly entertainment," which Howard claims is Sheen's pet name for call girls.

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