Vanderbilt rape victim condemns jury verdict for ex-player


Published April 9, 2016 9:45PM (EDT)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The victim of a Vanderbilt dorm room rape is condemning a jury verdict that resulted in a former football player being convicted of lesser charges.

The woman is decrying a system that is forcing her to go through multiple trials.

Jurors found Cory Batey guilty of raping the woman, but did not agree that he was guilty on all five counts of aggravated rape as charged.

This was the second time Batey went to trial. Batey and a Brandon Vandenburg were tried last year and convicted on the more serious charges.

Those verdicts were thrown out because the jury foreman did not reveal that he was a victim of statuary rape.

Four ex-players were charged with rape.



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