"What they do is f*cking cheat": Bill Maher rips Republicans for insidious voting laws targeting minorities

SCOTUS's decision to gut the Voting Rights Act, Maher said, enabled "cheating" GOPers to cast aside minority voters

Published April 9, 2016 11:20AM (EDT)

"Real Time" host Bill Maher Friday night went off about the latest GOP tool to manipulate the democratic process: voter ID laws.

"I think that long lines are the new poll tax," Maher said, referring to reports of several hours-long lines at polling stations in Wisconsin and Arizona during the past weeks' primaries.

"Republicans cheat," he continued. "They can't get the votes anymore, so what they do is fucking cheat. And this is cheating."

Panelist and "World War Z" author Max Brooks chimed in to explain, "If you look at a map of what states have strict voter ID laws, it's all the Jim Crow states."

"Black lives matter, but so do black votes," Brooks added. "And that's why they're trying to roll them back."

Maher then cited the Supreme Court's "gutting" the Voting Rights Act in 2013 — reversing a key provision of the 1965 Act that required nine states (8 below the Mason-Dixon) with a history of minority voter discrimination to gain federal permission before making changes to their voting laws.

"I wish they would just admit that they were wrong about that," Maher said of the Supreme Court. "Because the second they did that, states did this kind of shit and they're stopping people from voting."

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