The most disturbing thing you'll think about today: Trump porn parody is Larry Flynt's response to the "national embarrassment" of GOP politics

Larry Flynt took the pulse of the nation...and the people demanded video of a Donald Trump impersonator having sex

Published April 11, 2016 6:24PM (EDT)

Larry Flynt, Donald Trump (AP/Katy Winn/Reuters/Brian Snyder/Photo montage by Salon)
Larry Flynt, Donald Trump (AP/Katy Winn/Reuters/Brian Snyder/Photo montage by Salon)

Congressional Republicans who complain that Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination would be the most repulsive thing imaginable probably shouldn't check their mail in the next few weeks — they might find something even more vile.

Thankfully, we'll probably never know whether Trump's hands really tell us anything about what's in his pants, but curious voters will soon get an imaginary glimpse inside the Republican presidential frontrunner's sex life in the form of a Donald Trump porn parody courtesy of Hustler founder Larry Flynt. Flynt says he will send a free copy of the video to every Republican member of Congress.

“The downward spiral of name-calling in the GOP Presidential primary campaign is a national embarrassment and an insult to the intelligence of the American people,” said Flynt in a news release. Naturally, Flynt's prescription for the sorry state of our nation's political discourse is a porn video starring a Trump lookalike.

According to Hustler, the film will offer "a fantasized look at how the Republican Party front-runner might select his Vice Presidential running mate." Whether any viewers will actually care about the storyline is very much in question.

Flynt, a self-described "total political junkie," endorsed Hillary Clinton for president last year, though he was quick to add, "Hillary doesn’t need no help from me."

Flynt waded into the 2012 presidential race when he offered up to a million dollars in cash for information about Mitt Romney's tax returns. At the height of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, Flynt famously offered a similar bounty for information about the sex lives of other government officials. Flynt received information that led to the resignation of Bob Livingston, a Louisiana congressman who was scheduled to take over for Newt Gingrich as House speaker.

"The Donald" is scheduled for release on April 12. The trailer for the video is now available online. We won't like to it here — because, frankly, we're scared to watch — but if you're brave, you can find it through some creative Googling.

By Michael Garofalo

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