"If you can't handle the Colorado delegate process, how are you going to handle the Chinese?" Charles Krauthammer unloads on Trump

"The fact is," he said, "everybody's had the rules for a year, everybody had a chance to go after delegates"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published April 12, 2016 4:12PM (UTC)
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Charles Krauthammer (CBS News)

On Special Report with Bret Baier Monday evening, guest Charles Krauthammer mocked GOP front-runner Donald Trump's sudden appeal to direct democracy in the wake of losing all 34 Colorado delegates to Texas Senator Ted Cruz because of procedural ignorance.

"The assumption Trump is making," Krauthammer began, "is that the only fair way to elect someone would be something like a national primary, to have a direct correlation between the number of votes you get and the number of delegates [you receive]."


But, he noted, when Trump won 47 percent of the votes in Florida and received 100 percent of the state's delegates, "I didn't hear anybody [in his campaign] complaining about unfairness. The fact is, we have a complicated legacy system -- a century ago, party bosses chose the delegates, and since 1968, each state has done it a different way."

Krauthammer admitted that "Colorado has a very odd way to do it. But the fact is that everybody's had the rules for a year and everybody had a chance to go after delegates."

"Trump says in negotiations with the Chinese and Mexicans and Japanese, he's going to 'win,' because 'they've been killing us, they're so smart.' But how's he going to 'win'?" Krauthammer asked. "If you can't handle the Colorado delegate selection process, how are you going to handle the Chinese?"


Watch the entire exchange below via Fox News

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