New York GOP Congressman: "I think I'll take cyanide if Ted Cruz gets the nomination"

"I hate Ted Cruz," Representative Peter King said, clearly hiding his feelings

Published April 19, 2016 1:45PM (EDT)

Peter King, Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Manuel Balce Cenata, AP/Andrew Harnik)
Peter King, Ted Cruz (Credit: AP/Manuel Balce Cenata, AP/Andrew Harnik)

On Morning Joe Tuesday, Republican New York Representative Peter King declared that if Texas Senator Ted Cruz won the GOP nomination, he would prefer to take a cyanide pill to pulling the lever for him.

Not that he's a fan of Donald Trump, either, however. "I think you are going to see Donald Trump scoring a big victory tonight. I do not endorse Donald Trump," he told co-host Joe Scarborough. "I actually voted by absentee ballot for John Kasich. I'm not endorsing John -- but I voted for him to really send a message."

"I think Trump is going to win big," he continued. "I know on Long Island, you go through every part of Long Island I've been to, people come up to you -- they're talking about Donald Trump."

He also acknowledged that the convention is going to be a problem for moderate Republicans, saying that "the likelihood is Donald Trump is going to be [the nominee]. I want Donald Trump to know that if he wants to support our Republicans -- he's got to get more substance, he's got to really learn what he's talking about."

As for Cruz, King said "I think I'll take cyanide if he got the nomination."

Watch the entire conversation below via MSNBC.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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