Bernie's donation windfall: Sanders' campaign has raised $182 million, eclipsing Hillary Clinton's total

Sanders had a $720,000 edge at the end of March, CNN reports

Published April 22, 2016 8:31PM (EDT)

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton  (Adam Rose/cnn)
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (Adam Rose/cnn)

After trailing DNC establishment darling Hillary Clinton in fundraising for almost a year, Bernie Sanders has now surpassed his Democratic rival in the metric, according to a CNN report.

Federal Election Commission filings indicate Sanders' campaign has out-raised Clinton's "by at least 50%" every month this year -- and in so doing, steadily reeled in Hillary's more than $30 million head start.

The Democratic candidates were effectively tied at $182 million, with Sanders having a relatively slight $720,000 edge, at the end of March.

Up-to-date figures give Clinton a marginal edge following her commanding victory in the New York primary. As of this writing, Hillary's fundraising lead (just under $1 million) is less than the amount she's raised from PACs.

All the more impressive, Sanders has based his fundraising efforts on grassroots tactics; he's raised nearly $183 million from individual contributions. The average individual contribution, Sanders boasts, is $27. (Really, it's more like $29, but I'm not gonna be the one to tell him.)

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