The right continues to eat itself: Ann Coulter explodes at Charles Koch for calling Trump a "terrible role model"

Koch would let immigrants destroy American culture so long as someone cut his taxes, she argued

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published April 26, 2016 6:15PM (UTC)
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Ann Coulter (AP/Cliff Owen)

Conservative iconoclast Ann Coulter took to Facebook earlier this week to berate Republican benefactor-in-chief Charles Koch for venturing that Hillary Clinton might make for a better president than Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

In an interview with ABC News, Koch lambasted Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his comments about "carpet-bombing the Middle East," saying that for "a candidate, whether they believe it or not, [to] think that appeals to the American people -- this is frightening."


He found Donald Trump's statements about registering Muslims even more offensive. "What was worse was this, 'We'll have them all registered.' That's reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I mean, that's monstrous as I said at the time."

He later referred to both GOP candidates as "terrible role models."

Coulter didn't take a shine to Koch's outrage, writing on Facebook that he wants to "destroy American culture" so long as someone "cut [his] taxes."


"Charles Koch imagines a libertarian paradise if only we could get another 50 million 3rd worlders voting in U.S!" she continued. "The flat tax and entitlement reforms in Somalia are AMAZING! Didn't they put a man on the moon? FLEXIBILITY!"

"Instead of deporting all MS-13 gang members," she said, referring to the largely Central American gang Mara Salvatrucha, "Trump should move some to Wichita."

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