Fox News' Greg Gutfeld: If you want to leave the U.S. for Canada if racist Trump is elected, "you're the real bigot"

It's almost cute how clever he thinks he's being — almost

Published April 27, 2016 12:09PM (EDT)

Greg Gutfeld  (Fox News)
Greg Gutfeld (Fox News)

On Fox News' The Five Tuesday, co-host Greg Gutfeld tied his own shoes together and declared himself in possession of a Gordian knot -- not literally, of course, but with his "rebuttal" of those liberals who have declared they will move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president in November.

In a move barely even worthy of the high school debater he essentially is, Gutfeld attempted to "flip the script" on those who would rather not have an openly racist president by claiming that they, in fact, are "the real bigot[s]."

His inspiration was Lena Dunham, of "Girls" fame and "as daring as flatulence," who recently declared her intentions to leave the United States should Trump be elected. He said he's assuming that the reason is she believes Trump to be a bigot, but "could it be that she's the real bigot?" he asked.

"If offended by Trump, why didn't Dunham say she was moving to Mexico?" he continued. "Why did she pick the white North over the darker-skinned South? I guess our Mexican friends are not worthy of her lily-white, coddled presence -- unless they're delivering food to her doorstep."

Gutfeld added that Dunham is allowed to get away with her racism because she is "coasting on the same banalities the media shares. The Canada threat reveals how vapid hokum passes for edgy intellectualism -- the kind that gets you into the clubhouse of the mediocre hipster."

Watch his entire "rebuttal" below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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