Twitter lets Ted Cruz know his latest gaffe probably just lost him the state of Indiana

There are simply some things one does not do in the state of Indiana -- and Cruz did one of them

Published April 27, 2016 12:30PM (EDT)

Ted Cruz   (Reuters/Carlo Allegri)
Ted Cruz (Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

At a post-primary reassurance party for Indiana supporters after his resounding losses Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz attempted to bond with his Hoosier State supporters by speaking to them in a language they understand: basketball.

He wanted to pay tribute to the scene in the classic 1986 comeback film "Hoosiers" in which Gene Hackman implores his team to keep fighting. Unfortunately, Cruz has apparently never seen the film, or watched a basketball game:

"The amazing thing is that basketball ring here in Indiana, it’s the same height as it is in New York City and every other place in this country," Cruz said, calling the hoop something it's never been called by a native speaker in human history.

The gaffe wouldn't be quite as devastating if he had made it in his home state of Texas -- where football under the proverbial "Friday night lights" is the official state pastime. But what Cruz said in Indiana is the equivalent of him telling Texans his campaign would continue to "run the ball through the touchdown poles," and Twitter let him know it:

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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