"I even considered using a euphemism": Middle school substitute teacher in Michigan fired for saying "vagina" during art lesson

Allison Wint said she's been teaching Georgia O'Keeffe in physiological terms "for two years" in Detroit schools

Published April 28, 2016 4:34PM (EDT)

A substitute art teacher at Harper Creek Middle School in Battle Creek, Michigan, was asked not to return after she used the word "vagina" in a "productive" discussion about Georgia O'Keeffe's famous "Cow's Skull" painting, according to a local Fox affiliate.

"I even considered using a euphemism during the lesson," said Allison Wint, 24. "But I felt like if I used a kind of joke word, or a word like 'vagoo' or 'vajayjay' or something like that, it would come off kind of silly, and I didn’t want the lesson to be silly."

Wint added that she was surprised by the negative response from school administrators because she'd been using the same terminology to teach O'Keeffe to students in schools around Detroit "for two years."

Harper Creek's principal, however, told Wint that she's "not allowed to say it in any capacity without prior approval, which I would’ve done had I known."

In a statement, the school said Wint was let go because of "prior failures," though Wint said she's "not aware of any failures or wrongdoings."

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