John Oliver's message to the cicadas who've been asleep for 17 years: You won't believe what we get away with now!

The HBO host took time from his week off to inform the insects about to plague the US as to what they missed

Published May 2, 2016 2:34PM (EDT)

"Last Week Tonight" may have taken the week off, but John Oliver didn't, delivering a message to the cicadas who are just awakening from their seventeen-year slumber.

Billions of the insects will be emerging from the ground to plague the Northeast in a few short weeks, and Oliver took it upon himself to inform them of exactly what they've missed in the past seventeen years, including the fact that we don't live in the "Willennium" and that we all now live and die at the behest of one of the members of Destiny's Child.

More importantly, "we all just stopped paying for music and porn -- and I think we’ve gotten away with it!"

He also issued them a warning in the form of Donald Trump's face, noting that "depending on how things go in November, this planet might not be around in another 17 years."

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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