Conservative radio host Mark Levin: Fox News is "Trump Super PAC" that will be "rubbing their faces in their own feces" come November

He isn't happy about the state of the GOP or its unofficial fair-and-balanced organ

Published May 4, 2016 12:24PM (EDT)

 Mark Levin    (Screen shot, Fox News)
Mark Levin (Screen shot, Fox News)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin minced no words Tuesday when discussing the current state of the Republican Party and its unofficial organ, Fox News, claiming that when former secretary of state Hillary Clinton wins in November, it will be the network's fault.

"Donald Trump is bringing up a National Enquirer story that accuses Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, of being in cahoots -- in one way or another -- with Lee Harvey Oswald," Levin began.

"Several of the people on The Five thought this was hilarious, [and] as a matter of fact, they were defending the National Enquirer," he added. "That’s why it’s not the Fox News Channel -- it’s the Fox Channel, and the Donald Trump super PAC."

Levin then issued a warning to those who appear on or trust the party's busted megaphone. "They may be laughing today," he said, "but they’re going to be rubbing their own faces in their own feces, I’ll tell you that, after this general election, because they have humiliated themselves."

"We’re going to get our asses kicked in the general election, ladies and gentleman. That’s the trajectory. Maybe it’ll change -- but likely, it will not."

Levin had been supporting Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who dropped out of the race after losing to Donald Trump in Indiana.

Listen to Levin's entire rant here via Breitbart.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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