Fox News host claims Trump's racist "taco bowl" gaffe was neither racist nor a gaffe, but "an olive branch"

Neil Cavuto only proved how sheltered he is as he whitesplained Trump to former Mexican president Vicente Fox

Published May 6, 2016 2:14PM (EDT)

Donald Trump, Taco Bowl (Credit: Twitter)
Donald Trump, Taco Bowl (Credit: Twitter)

Most members of the media were rightly embarrassed by Donald Trump's attempt to pander to "Hispanics" -- which isn't even the group he wanted to pander to, but that's another argument entirely -- but Fox Business News' Neil Cavuto was undeterred, calling the Republican nominee's tweet "an olive branch" to the people of Mexico.

The United States is not, of course, at war with Mexico -- at least not yet -- but Cavuto insisted that Trump was being a responsible presidential candidate by posing in front of an American bowdlerization of Mexican cuisine and professing his love for the wrong group of people.

"I think they call this an olive branch, or it could be a taco bowl, but to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Donald Trump -- well, enjoying this fine classic Mexican dish in his Trump Tower offices and reminding folks how much he loves Hispanics," he said by way of introducing former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

"This coming little more than a day after Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, said he maybe went too far with some comments he’s made about Donald Trump, now wants Donald Trump to come down to Mexico to see Mexico for himself."

"It sounds like you want to make amends here, and he wants make amends, too, to the Mexican people," Cavuto added, even though there was no indication he wanted to do anything of the sort in the tweet.

Fox wasn't buying it. "What we need is him listening and learning the way of life of others -- starting with the immigrants of the United States," he said.

Cavuto replied that Trump can't be a "bigot," because he didn't indict all of the people who live south of the United States' border. "My only point," he argued, "is that he did not indict all Mexicans, he did not indict all Hispanics, he did not indict all immigrants."

Watch the entire segment below via Fox News.

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