Bill Maher taunts Donald Trump: "I mean this in no way to disparage vaginas, but what a p**sy"

The "Real Time" host went all in on the GOP frontrunner last night, wishing "he'd stop whining like a little b*tch"

By Brendan Gauthier
May 7, 2016 4:46PM (UTC)
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"Real Time" host Bill Maher last night, during his "New Rules" segment, murderslayed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's assertion that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic frontrunner because of her gender.

After his sweeping victory in the most recent "Super" Tuesday, Trump said in his presser that Clinton is playing the "woman's card" and wouldn't even have 5 percent were she a man.


"Donald Trump, who says that if Hillary Clinton was a man she wouldn't get five percent of the vote," Maher said. "And if Trump was a man, he'd stop whining like a little bitch."

"Any cringe-inducing line they ever said about a secretary on 'Mad Men' is true about Donald Trump," he continued. "Yet he's the one with the penis. And we know that because if you make fun of it, he'll be up all night tweeting about how great it is."

Watch the full clip below:


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