Trevor Noah: "I would literally let you sh*t on me for two billion dollars"

"Daily Show" takes on transgender bathrooms and perhaps also inspires a Kickstarter campaign

By Brendan Gauthier
May 11, 2016 4:58PM (UTC)
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"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah last night discussed North Carolina's controversial bathroom bill, which requires transgender people to use public restrooms that correspond with their birth gender and not the one with which they identify.

The Justice Department last week brought a lawsuit against the state, saying the bill violates the the Civil Rights Act. Federal sanctions would amount to upwards of $2 billion in lost funding -- all in the name of discriminating against the transgender community.


"There is no one I would not let use a bathroom for two billion dollars," Noah said. "In fact, I would be your bathroom for two billion dollars ... I would literally let you shit on me for two billion dollars."

In response, the state of North Carolina countersued the Justice Department for "overreaching."

"At what point would you admit you're taking this too far?" Noah said. "Because you realize you've been sharing the bathroom with trans people your entire lives and you've never noticed it. And why would you? Because it's a public bathroom. You're supposed to go in there, mind your own business, and get out as fast as you can."


Watch the full segment below:

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