Trevor Noah unloads on #Bernieorbust: "I knew some of Bernie Sanders voters are young, but I didn't realize they're children"

"Daily Show" reacts angrily to idea that 43 percent of WV voters would defect to Trump in the fall

By Brendan Gauthier
May 12, 2016 3:58PM (UTC)
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"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah last night detailed Bernie Sanders' decisive victory in the West Virginia primary Tuesday night. But he had some harsh words for the state's Sanders supporters.

"I knew some of Bernie Sanders voters are young, but I didn't realize they're children," Noah said, responding to a CBS News exit poll of West Virginians that found 43% of Sanders voters would defect to Donald Trump in November if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination.


Sanders' real victory Tuesday night, though, was his being donned "Crazy Bernie" by master nicknamer, Donald Trump. And if anything is to be gleaned from his show last night, it's that Trevor Noah hates nicknames.

"Donald Trump gave Bernie a nickname," Noah explained. "That's how you know he takes him seriously as a threat."

Trump landed his own lame nickname from the Democratic National Committee: "Dangerous Donald."


"What are you doing, DNC?" Noah responded. "You realize Trump has tricked you into playing his own game? And I get why. Because it's a lot more fun than your regular game, which is to be a rational adult."

Watch the full segment below:

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