"He will stop at nothing": The Onion co-founder Scott Dikkers doesn't see an end to the Trump train

Most people "are incredibly stupid," Dikkers told Gothamist in a new interview. "And that’s his fan base"

Published May 16, 2016 4:05PM (EDT)

Donald Trump, Scott Dikkers   (Reuters/Chris Tilley/Salon)
Donald Trump, Scott Dikkers (Reuters/Chris Tilley/Salon)

In a new interview, The Onion co-founder and editor Scott Dikkers explained to Gothamist how last summer, before any votes had been cast, he accurately predicted Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination.

In August, Dikkers began working on his satirical novel, "Trump's America: The Complete Loser's Guide." The survival guide is geared toward the increasing minority of voters who don't support Trump, but will nonetheless have to live under his presidency.

"There was just never any question to me that he was at least going to get the nomination, and I frankly think he's going to beat Hillary Clinton if she's the nominee," Dikkers said. "I think he's going all the way."

Dikkers attributed the failure of a loud-but-inconsequential intellectual class to see the Trump train coming to a failure to comprehend how "incredibly stupid" the majority is.

"Most people do not follow the news, they don’t care what the news says, they don’t believe a lot of what’s in the news, they have extremely short attention spans," Dikkers explained. "And that’s his fan base. That’s his fuel, that’s where he’s deriving his power."

Read the full interview over at Gothamist.

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