"Trump, a man frighteningly close to the presidency, is a crazy person": Seth Meyers on Trump's alter ego, John Miller

Meyers said Trump posing as his own publicist is all the evidence you need that Trump truly is insane

By Brendan Gauthier
May 17, 2016 5:39PM (UTC)
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"Late Night" host Seth Meyers last night took a "Closer Look" at the importance of John Miller-gate, a new development in the media's long and fruitful expedition to dig up Donald Trump dirt.

"John Miller" is, of course, the carefully chosen pseudonym Trump used in the '90s to portray his own publicist in phone interviews. The Washington Post unearthed several recordings of Trump-as-Miller last week for our enjoyment.


"It was so clearly Trump," Meyers said. "The only way John Miller could have been more obviously fake is if he was three ten-year-olds standing on top of each other in a trench coat, in which case the fake John Miller would have had the same size hands as the real Donald Trump."

"In case you needed any more proof," he continued, "these calls are just the latest evidence that Donald Trump, a man frighteningly close to the presidency, is a crazy person."

Watch the full segment below:


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