Frustrated Sanders delegate attempts to set the record straight on rowdy Nevada Dem convention: “Hillary did not win, Trump did”

The reports of violence were “grossly exaggerated,” Sanders NV delegate Angie Morelli told Rachel Maddow

Sophia Tesfaye
May 18, 2016 6:51PM (UTC)

While awaiting the close election results out of the Democratic Kentucky primary on Tuesday, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow took a moment to further investigate what exactly occurred at another recent, albeit much more rowdy, closely contested Democratic competition over the weekend.

A Bernie Sanders delegate who was an organizer on the floor at Saturday's Nevada Democratic convention, Angie Morelli, insisted that reports of violence from Sanders supporters were “grossly exaggerated,” explaining that the attendees filmed booing and reaching to throw chairs were simply reacting to unfair treatment from Democratic Party organizers.


"This is the people versus the establishment,” Morelli explained, calling out local Nevada reporter Jon Ralston for amplifying Saturday's chaos into a national story without adequately expressing the grievances from the Sanders campaign. Ralston had earlier argued to Maddow that California Senator Barbara Boxer, who was aggressively booed in the convention hall by Sanders supporters while attempting to deliver an address in support of Hillary Clinton, "did not inflame those people, they were already inflamed."

Morelli, however, offered that tensions ran high for a less nefarious reason than disdain for Clinton supporters.

"This is what happened," Morelli explained, "We had 4,ooo of the most passionate people in this Valley, who got in a room together, and you put in them in this confined space for 15 plus hours and who have little access to food and three bars outside of the convention center that were put there specifically for us, and I don't know where that wouldn't have created high emotions."


"The only assault I know of," Morelli offered, "is the assault that took place on me from a Hillary supporter shoving me for trying to deesclate her screaming at volunteers for picking up ballots."


“If were were to look at Saturday," Morelli argued, "Hillary did not win, Trump did.”


Watch the debate, via MSNBC:

Sophia Tesfaye

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