Watch Fox & Friends freak out over the possibility of Hillary appointing Bill "co-president"

There aren't enough valid concerns about the Clinton campaign, so Fox News needed to invent some

Published May 18, 2016 2:24PM (EDT)

 Peter Johnson Jr. (Credit: Fox News)
Peter Johnson Jr. (Credit: Fox News)

On Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, legal "expert" Peter Johnson Jr. joined Ainsley Earhardt to discuss an offhand remark Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton made at a campaign event about charging her husband, former President Bill Clinton, "to revitalize the economy, because he knows how to do that."

That innocuous remark sent Johnson spinning, first to the conclusion that it's possible Hillary would select Bill as her vice presidential candidate -- then to the more alarming possibility that she would appoint him as co-president.

Earhardt tried to calm him down by having him run through a list of the "projects" undertaken by previous First Ladies -- which oddly included "Nancy Reagan ending drug addiction in America," a statement that doesn't exactly correspond with reality -- but Johnson was on a paranoid roll.

"[Bill]'s going to be in charge of revitalizing the economy," he said, "as a co-president, a co-ruler of America. How is that going to work out? Is it even legal or constitutional? Is that even who we are, what we want, that we elect husband and wife duos in the United States?"

Watch the entire melt down below via Fox News.

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