David Letterman: Trump didn't "cheat" to win GOP nomination, the problem is "just that he's despicable"

Come on, now -- tell us how you really feel, Mr. Letterman

Published June 10, 2016 12:59PM (EDT)

David Letterman, Tom Brokaw (Credit: NBC)
David Letterman, Tom Brokaw (Credit: NBC)

NBC released another preview of Tom Brokaw's Sunday "On Assignment" interview with David Letterman, this time focusing on what the veteran anchorman called "the wackiest, potentially most dislocating elections in our lifetimes."

Brokaw asked the former Late Show host whether he sometimes wishes, "God, I'd like to be on tonight, I'd like to be talking about this."

Letterman replied that that he "understand[s] that [Trump] is repugnant to people," but added that "the men putting together the Constitution, witnessing this election, wouldn't they have just said, 'That's part of the way we set it up. Good luck!'?"

Brokaw agreed, noting that Trump hadn't cheated to win the nomination.

"There's nothing illegal going on," Letterman said. "It's just he's despicable."

He continued, saying that at "everybody’s school, you hear 'The great thing about America is anybody can grow up to be President.' Jeez -- I guess that might be true."

Watch the entire preview below via NBC.

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