Sexless in the city: This couple is young, crazy in love and asexual

"People must be lying when they talk about sexual attraction; is that really a thing?"

Published June 18, 2016 9:29PM (EDT)

  (Aces Wild)
(Aces Wild)

Levi Shaolin Back and Bauer McClave have been a couple for more than two years and are very much in love.

“We're so cute it's disgusting,” McClave said about her relationship with Back. The two are like any other couple — except they don't have sex. But that doesn't mean the two aren't physically affectionate. They still love to cuddle and kiss.

McClave, who founded a group for asexuals called ACES, was overjoyed when she met and fell for Back, another asexual-identified person, because from the start there was no expectations for sex.

We interviewed the couple, that called sex "kinda sexy and kinda gross" to find out more about their romance. Watch.

By Janet Upadhye

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