John Oliver's amazing Brexit rant: No one has torn apart the disastrous vote better than this

"Two idiots named Nigel and Boris quoted President Bill Pullman," John Oliver said

Published June 27, 2016 1:51PM (EDT)

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver wasted no time last night before launching into a sharp critique of Brexit. After Britons voted in favor of leaving the European Union in last week's referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would be stepping down, which, Oliver said, "should make me happy, but in this situation it doesn't."

"It's like catching an ice cream cone out of the air because a child was hit by a car," he continued. "I'll eat it, but it's tainted somehow."

Oliver noted that the U.K. now has only two years to hammer out its "independence" from the E.U. — settling debts, establishing new trade deals, setting migration rules, etc. — while "lives hang in the balance."

One Portuguese immigrant interviewed by a British news network said she has two daughters — one born in Portugal and the other in the U.K. — and can't guarantee her family will be allowed to remain in the country, adding, "I don't know how to explain to my children what is going to happen to their future."

"Perhaps I can help you with that," Oliver replied. "Just tell them they might be screwed because a pig-fucker called for a vote, a bus had some bullshit written on it, and then two idiots named Nigel and Boris quoted President Bill Pullman."

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