"The word 'salty' is just the tip of the iceberg": Watch Stephen Colbert eat a tray of caviar spelling out "Bernie"

Colbert, during his "Hungry for Power Games" bit, called Sanders "a worthy adversary of we, the elite"

Published July 13, 2016 1:28PM (EDT)

With Sen. Bernie Sanders' long-awaited concession on Tuesday, "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert dusted off his popular "Hungry for Power Games" segment for a penultimate run.

"Sadly, today we lost our bravest tribute of all — a man we actually lost months ago, but who kept courageously kept pretending not to be dead," Colbert said of Sanders, whose chances of winning the Democratic nomination over former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were mathematically eliminated after the California primary. "So Bernie Sanders has fallen, and like many seniors, he cannot get up."

Colbert called Sanders "a worthy adversary of we, the elite," before regrettably finger-feeding himself a tray of caviar shaped to spell "Bernie."

"From the very beginning, Bernie Sanders' campaign was remarkable — the first remark, of course, 'Who is Bernie Sanders?'" Colbert added, noting Sanders' quaint press conference announcing his candidacy back in April 2015 "to a tiny crowd," of which half "thought he was the instructor for tai chi in the park."

"Somehow Bernie Sanders became popular with his platform of giving everyone everything they want," he recalled. "And he excited young voters with his pure sex appeal — he had bedroom eyes and bedroom head. And soon tribute Sanders was filling entire stadiums. He was like the Rolling Stones, only younger."

Watch the full segment below:

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