Trump delegate booted from RNC for racist online postings under "Whitepride" handle

Illinois Trump delegate Lori Gayne wrote while in Cleveland that she hoped "brave snipers" would shoot some "n****"

By Sophia Tesfaye
July 22, 2016 2:24AM (UTC)
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Donald Trump; The 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami. (AP/Carolyn Kaster/Photo montage by Salon)

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider told the Chicago Sun-Times that it had revoked the Republican National Convention credentials of a Donald Trump delegate who posted racist rants online under the handle "Whitepride."

Lynn Sweet reported that Lori Gayne, a delegate from the Fifth Congressional District and mortgage banker, posted on a photo of police officers positioned on the roof of the nearby Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to her Facebook on the opening day of the RNC,.


"Our brave snipers just waiting for some “N—- to try something. Love them," Gayne reportedly wrote as the caption of the image. Gayne admitted to the Sun-Times that she had made the post using a different name -- "Whitepride":


“The statements do not reflect my character or feelings toward minorities,” Gayne said in a statement apologizing for her "Whitepride" online presence. “I strongly regret the offensive statements I recently made on social media. While I in no way intended to make racist or threatening statements, I now realize that they could be interpreted that way.”


“As a Jewish woman, I know that racism of any kind is unjustifiable and hurtful, even when it’s not intended. I also know that violence is never the answer to political disagreements.”

But back in May, Gayne wasn't sounding too remorseful of her so-called white pride.

“With all the racism going on today, I’m very proud to be white,” she told the Chicago Tribune at the time. “Just like black people are proud to be black and now, as white people, whenever we say something critical we’re punished as if we’re racists. I’m tired of it. I’m very proud.”



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