Former Klansman David Duke expects Donald Trump supporters to turn out for him, too

"I represent the ideas of preserving this country... And I think Trump represents that as well," he told NPR

Published August 5, 2016 3:54PM (EDT)

David Duke, Donald Trump   (AP/Reuters/Nati Harnik/Photo montage by Salon)
David Duke, Donald Trump (AP/Reuters/Nati Harnik/Photo montage by Salon)

David Duke, former Klansman and U.S. Senate hopeful, has repeated his support for Trump and said that "of course" people voting for Trump will also vote for him in an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep.

"As a United States senator, nobody will be more supportive of his legislative agenda, his Supreme Court agenda, than I will," Duke said. "I have a long record of being in favor of protecting our borders from this massive immigration."

As for a vote for Trump translating to a vote for Duke, he said, "We've already polled inside the Trump voters, and we know that we're going to carry 75 to 80 percent of those who are going to vote for Trump."

Inskeep questioned Duke on what he thought about the recent prominent Republicans who have turned and endorsed Hillary Clinton over Trump.

"I think that those Republicans, or those so-called conservatives, they are betraying the principles of the Republican Party and certainly conservatism," Duke said. "Donald Trump is not a racist. And the truth is in this country if you simply defend the heritage of European American people then you're automatically a racist."

Duke also talked about the "massive racist, racial discrimination against European-Americans" and a "very vicious anti-white narrative" in the media, perpetuated by the Jews in Hollywood, whom, he said are not European.

"Well they're from the Middle East, that's not European," Duke said. "That's not European, is it? That's Middle Eastern. And they have a particular orientation for their positions and their programs."

Trump had initially declined to disavow Duke's support earlier this year, saying he didn't know Duke and needed to do some research first. He has since denounced the endorsement from Duke.

In related David Duke news, according to a poll in Louisiana, Duke has a higher percentage of black supporters than Trump.

Check out the full interview.

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