Trump defeats Hillary, at least in one respect -- branding apps

The "America First" app launched last Thursday and suggests that his future isn't in politics, per se

Published August 23, 2016 12:17PM (EDT)

Donald Trump   (Reuters/Eric Thayer)
Donald Trump (Reuters/Eric Thayer)

Last Thursday, the Trump campaign actually managed to do something quietly -- launch its official campaign app, which does everything a campaign app should do: providing users with his campaign schedule, access to his YouTube and Facebook pages, and other similar offerings.

What's unusual about the app are its added features, all of which point less to a future in politics and more towards the trajectory Trump has been following for the better part of a decade. For example, it's possible to earn "badges" for performing certain actions -- attending events, sharing status updates, etc. -- but the entry-level badge earned by performing said actions is "Apprentice."

It's surely a coincidence that that also happens to be the title of the show that brought Trump back to national prominence, as is the fact that Trump reportedly asked NBCUniversal for permission to continue hosting "The Apprentice" if he won in November -- because he has priorities, and as this app makes clear, marketing "The Apprentice" ranks highly among them.

Which isn't to say he doesn't have time for some remedial branding, as one of the questions in the "Trivia" section is is "Which city does NOT have a Trump Tower?" It's a significant question of great importance, crucial to holding the highest office in the land, and essential to making America great again -- which, of course, happens to be another badge app users can acquire.

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play if you so desire.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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