WATCH: Clinton explains her preparation for debates with Trump — "I am drawing on my experience in elementary school"

Clinton likened Trump to "the guy who pulled your ponytail," but as Jimmy Kimmel noted, "That meant he liked you"

Published August 23, 2016 1:45PM (EDT)

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Monday night was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where she detailed her strategy for debating off-the-cuff GOP opponent Donald Trump.

"I watched a lot of his debates during the primaries," Clinton said. "And he insulted all of his opponents, he insulted all of the moderators, he insulted, I guess, about 80 percent of the American people and the rest of the world."

"I am drawing on my experience in elementary school," she continued. "You know, the guy who pulled your ponytail."

Kimmel reminded Clinton that when a boy pulls your ponytail, it often means he likes you. "Maybe Donald Trump has a secret crush on you."

"This is how great rumors get started," Clinton responded.

Watch below:

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