Is Jawbone disappearing? The wearable tech company appears to be slow-fading away

Business Insider reports the company hasn't paid its customer service partner and is "sold out" of all products

By Grace Guarnieri
September 24, 2016 2:09AM (UTC)
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The wearable tech company Jawbone is basically disappearing into the internet oblivion, Business Insider reported on Thursday. The article revealed that the company has not paid customer service partner NexRep, and that the Jawbone website displays a "sold out" icon under every product. Technically, one item displays the option to "customize," but after customizing it, too, is "sold out."

"Jawbone is not able to pay us for past services, and their ability to pay us in the future is uncertain at this point," said NexRep in an email to Business Insider.


Jawbone, probably best known for its Bose-like wireless speaker boxes and its Fitbit-like fitness tracking wrist accessories, is now struggling financially according to the same email read by Business Insider. In April, Bloomberg reported that the U.S. International Trade Commission had ruled in favor of Fitbit after Jawbone had brought forth several disputes about patents.

Business Insider also wrote that a limited supply of Jawbone items are available on Amazon, but that NexRep hadn't a clue about the company's actual inventory since the customer service company has not worked for Jawbone since the September 9.

"Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman is seeking investment from an Asian company to keep the company going as it targets a mid-2017 release date for its next product, the person close to the company said. In the meantime, the company is essentially operating week-to-week, according to the source. Jawbone declined to comment on its cash position and its product road map." reads Steve Kovach's article.


But really, when you think of wrist fitness trackers, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Probably Fitbit.

Read the Business Insider article.

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