Stephen Colbert slams Trump for bragging about nonexistent CBS News poll: "What are the odds the one poll you won doesn't exist?"

The "Late Show" host did offer consolation to Trump, who, he said, "got a firm endorsement from the Lollipop Guild"

By Brendan Gauthier

Published September 28, 2016 11:13AM (EDT)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert on Tuesday examined Donald Trump's response to his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. Pundits overwhelmingly determined the Republican presidential nominee lost the debate, while Trump touted several online polls — 70 of which, it turns out, were manipulated by 4chan users — showing he'd won.

Trump bragged during a call-in interview to "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday about winning a CBS News post-debate poll that wasn't run.

"What are the odds the one poll you win doesn't exist," Colbert said. "But, you know what, just because it doesn't exist doesn't mean he didn't win it. He's doing very well in Narnia. He got a firm endorsement from the Lollipop Guild."

In the same "Fox & Friends" interview, Trump congratulated himself for not bringing up former President Bill Clinton's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

"I was going to hit her with her husband’s women, and I decided I shouldn’t do it," Trump said. "I didn’t feel comfortable doing it with [the Clintons’ daughter] Chelsea in the room. I think Chelsea’s a fine young lady."

"Yes, how gracious," Colbert responded Tuesday night. "I'm sure Chelsea hasn't even heard about that stuff yet. It makes me wonder . . . what else have [the Clintons] kept from their child? Has she heard about the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause having sex with her father?"

The first debate drew a record viewership of 84 million, prompting far too many pundits to call it "the Super Bowl of politics."

"This debate was just like the Super Bowl," Colbert said. "You spent a lot of time screaming at the TV, the team you really like isn't even there and at halftime, [moderator] Lester Holt even had a wardrobe malfunction."

Brendan Gauthier

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