Chelsea Clinton tells Seth Meyers she's used to spotlight: "I don't remember a time in my life when my family wasn't being attacked"

Clinton also describes the "misguided foibles" of her '90s fashion, which were "reported for eternity"

Published October 7, 2016 11:56AM (EDT)

Chelsea Clinton joined Seth Meyers on Thursday's "Late Night," during which she opened up briefly about her family's life in the public spotlight.

"I don't remember a time in my life when my family wasn't being attacked," Clinton said. "And what feels different about this election, to me, is, I just don't remember a time when so many Americans were being attacked by a major party's presidential nominee."

"The attacks against women, against immigrants, against minorities, against LGBT community, against Americans with disabilities, against a Gold Star family," she continued, listing the demographics the Republican presidential nominee has slandered. "To me, that's what feels so different and deeply troubling, candidly."

During the first presidential debate, Trump applauded himself for not bringing up his opponent's husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky. After the fact, however, he suggested he'd mention the affair in the future because Hillary Clinton wasn't "nice" to him.

Meyers then brought the discussion to a lighter note, asking Chelsea Clinton to reflect on '90s fashion — hers being on full display during her father's terms in office.

"It was rough in the '90s," Clinton responded, recalling "convincing my mother to let me put on the orange and black rubber bands on my braces, and her actually trying to tell me I wasn't going to back to the orthodontist for weeks, so although maybe that was a fun thing to do for Halloween, it was probably gonna be a decision I regretted. And sure enough, Nov. 1, I was like, 'Mom, can we go back to the orthodontist?' and she was like, 'No, we cannot.'"

"So not only are my '90s fashion expressions, misguided foibles reported for eternity," she added. "So too are my braces color."

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