Mark Cuban debates Rudy Giuliani ahead of the final presidential debate, October 19, 2016 (CNN)

Proxy debate between Rudy Giuliani and Mark Cuban was as fun as it sounds

The two surrogates had a mature debate where they discussed real issues affecting the country. Just kidding!

Taylor Link
October 20, 2016 5:05AM (UTC)

An hour before the final presidential debate, CNN held a proxy debate between high profile surrogates Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and close ally of Donald Trump, and billionaire Mark Cuban, an outspoken backer of Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the intense back and forth, Cuban and Giuliani rolled their eyes and disputed about every word that came out of the other’s mouth.


“Everything you just said is incorrect,” Cuban said two minutes into the segment.

It wasn’t exactly an issues-based debate, as the two surrogates hashed out topics ranging from Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions to Donald Trump’s behavior with women and his failed business dealings.

“Monica Lewinsky would be in an insane asylum if she didn’t have that dress,” Giuliani yelled at one point.


“This is like out of ‘The X-Files,’ Mayor Giuliani,” Cuban responded at another point.

Giuliani more or less tried to deflect attention from Trump's alleged sexual misconduct, while Cuban pressed the former mayor on Trump's inability to admit fault.

“When something goes wrong with Donald, he never owns it. It’s always a conspiracy. It’s always somebody out to get him. What has he owned, Mr. Mayor?” Cuban asked.


Watch a clip from the "debate" below: courtesy of CNN:


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