Better than Podesta's creamy risotto recipe! WikiLeaks dumps an email about Nicki Minaj's butt

Woke bae John Podesta stands up for "gender and racial and booty equity"

Published October 21, 2016 10:36PM (EDT)

Nicki Minaj           (AP/John Shearer)
Nicki Minaj (AP/John Shearer)

Finally, WikiLeaks gives us something almost as good John Podesta's creamy risotto recipe. In the latest round of WikiLeaks dumps, Clinton campaign chairman Podesta sent an email to Herbert Sandler in 2014 with the subject line "Re: Nicki Minaj Doesn't Think Her Butt Is Unacceptable| ThinkProgress." The body of the email sent from Podesta's iPad reads like your teenage daughter's bumper sticker: "Gender and racial and booty equity."

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From exposing sensitive government information to exposing what news articles John Podesta might approve of, WikiLeaks has released it all.

ThinkProgress is a progressive news site that often reports on social justice issues. Evidently, Podesta sent the email to Herbert Sandler of the Sandler Foundation in response to Sandler's complaint to Neera Tanden, president of Center for American Progress and a top Clinton advisor — that the article by Shannon Greenwood  about the artist's butt was a far cry from the issues that ThinkProgress usually reports on.

"Is this Think Progress or the Huffington Post. Am I missing something?" groused Sandler.

Tanden replied, "Yes, I agree with your point. ThinkProgress started a culture vertical 4 yrs ago, and it was hugely successful as a feminist critique of culture. Our first writer was lured by the Washington Post. But it takes a lot of judgment to oversee this area. I will check in with Judd on quality control."

That's when Podesta first chimed in, with his thoughts on ThinkProgress' quality control. "For what it's worth, I think this didn't go over the line."

Sandler got a little defensive in return. "It's not that I'm offended, which I'm not, but what's this got to do with Think Progress and the issues it purports to raise. How is this relevant?"

Podesta kindly took the time to explain in no uncertain terms. "Gender and racial and booty equity."

There you have it. Amongst more shocking things, like Donna Brazile sharing debate questions so that Hillary Clinton could study or the fact that Podesta slowly adds half or a quarter cup of stock at a time to his risotto, we also found out that he stands up for "booty equity." Thanks, WikiLeaks. Who does Sandler think he is speaking for other peoples' butts?

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