Twitter went offline Friday afternoon, sparing everyone from Donald Trump's online rants

Trump spends more time attacking well-liked people than he does touting his campaign platform

Published October 21, 2016 8:46PM (EDT)

 (Getty/Chip Somodevilla)
(Getty/Chip Somodevilla)

Twitter was down for an extended period Friday, the result of a DDoS attack that infected a number of websites and services.

As Twitter scrambled to get its service back online, Donald Trump was likely experiencing slurred speech and uncontrollable shakes -- withdrawal symptoms from not being able to fire off outlandish tweets.

The GOP nominee’s persona on social media has grown into the caricature America has seen on the campaign trail. More of an insult comic than a presidential candidate, Trump has publicly attacked everyone from the Pope and Justice Ruth Ginsberg to Samuel L. Jackson and Ronda Rousey.

After the cringeworthy Al Smith Dinner Thursday night, during which Trump mocked the First Lady and his own wife Melania in the same joke, the number of well-liked people who have been spared from Trump’s wrath has inched closer to zero.

The Upshot has a complete list of people, places, and things that Trump has insulted this election, appropriately capturing the dark state of his campaign.

During a campaign rally in North Carolina on Friday, Trump continued to hit Michelle Obama, complaining that “all she wants to do is campaign.”

Trump has a tendency to target those who are universally loved and respected, an odd habit considering his favorability rating currently hovers around 35 percent.

Trump’s favorite platform to kick people while he is down is Twitter, where he has called everybody's favorite actor, Samuel L. Jackson, "boring" and "not athletic" and described everybody's favorite singer-songwriter, Neil Young, as a "total hypocrite." He has also wrote that John Oliver's critically acclaimed show on HBO is "very boring and low-rated" and that Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him on "Saturday Night Live" "stinks."

Fortunately for the Dalai Lama and his son Barron Trump, Twitter was blacked out Friday, otherwise they would probably be the next victims of Donald Trump's cyber bullying.

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