Martin Shkreli: I'll release "unheard Nirvana, Beatles and Wu-Tang" music if Donald Trump becomes president

According to the "pharma bro," this would include "unheard Nirvana, Beatles, and of course, Wu-Tang" — all for free

Published October 27, 2016 3:06PM (EDT)

 (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

"Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli on Wednesday evening promised to put out his "entire unreleased music collection . . .  for free" if folks get out and vote for Donald Trump:

Earlier this year, Shkreli — who gained infamy for hyper-inflating the cost of Daraprim, a drug in part used to treat AIDS patients, as the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals — feuded with Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah over the release of the group's one-off record, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin," which he bought at auction for $2 million in 2015.

When someone replied to his tweet asking if he'd release just "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" if Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, became president, Shkreli bluffed that he'd break the vinyl record, which is among his last vestiges of bargaining power.

Shkreli initially endorsed the Republican presidential nominee back in May. Then, one week later, wrote off his endorsement as "like an ironic joke thing" and said that rather he'd "abstain in protest":

In his months of alone time between his smug congressional hearing and impending trial for securities fraud charges, Shkreli dabbles in /pol/-style troll culture. Earlier this month he offered to bail out an insolvent 4chan:

Shkreli even botched an attempt to troll Sen. Bernie Sanders last year. Then a Democratic presidential hopeful, Sanders rejected Shkreli's $2,700 attempt to buy a meeting and instead redirected the money to Whitman-Walker Health, an HIV/AIDS clinic in Washington, D.C.

"We are not keeping the money from this poster boy for drug company greed," Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs responded at the time.

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