Can Halloween predict the election?: Inside our spooky spending habits

The candidate most impersonated generally wins the election. If that's true this year, we'll have a President Trump

By Salon Staff
Published October 31, 2016 9:33PM (EDT)

Happy Halloween! Kids know Halloween as a day to dress up and be whoever they want to be. And as a day they can eat as much candy as they want, of course. But Halloween has always been an important day for business — costume sales surpass $1 billion for adults and children. Even pets contribute to the industry.

Even more interesting than the economics behind Halloween, though, is the holiday's ability to predict presidential elections. The candidate most impersonated is usually the one who wins the general election. Prepare to see a lot of Donald Trump lookalikes roaming the streets tonight, since 55 percent of costume-clad folks will dress up as the GOP blowhard. Let's just hope this year is an anomaly and not an accurate prediction of the election outcome.

Salon Staff

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