James O'Keefe is spending Election Day following vans around Philadelphia

Not a single "pastor bus" in the city of Philadelphia is safe from the snoops over at Project Veritas

Published November 8, 2016 8:08PM (EST)

For the first time since Monday, Project Veritas' lead truth-seeker James O'Keefe is beginning to seem more like a lunatic than a credible source of investigative journalism.

After right-wing agitprop group Project Veritas caught Scott Foval, former deputy political director at People for the American Way, bragging about bussing voters into neighboring counties and states to commit voter fraud on behalf of the Democrats, O'Keefe has been keeping his eyes peeled for voter fraud.

O'Keefe spent some time on Election Day following a "pastor bus," a van that he thought was "busing people around to polls in Philadelphia."

On Monday, Project Veritas released video of one of its "journalists" wearing a burka and walking into a New York City polling place claiming to be Huma Abedin. Because she didn't have an ID indicating that she was, in fact, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's top aide, the felonious undercover investigator was given an affidavit ballot.

This separate paper ballot supplements a machine vote when a registered voter's name is for whatever reason absent from the polling place's list. Barring an error on the part of the state's Board of Elections, the fake Huma Abedin's vote will be recognized as either a duplicate or cast in the wrong precinct and won't be counted.

O'Keefe — and the Drudge Report — touted the botched attempt at voter fraud as a tremendous exposé:

The Project Veritas website even allows for civic warriors to report voter fraud at their polling place. And we at Salon do not think you should follow this hyperlink and troll the shit out of O'Keefe's interns.

These people make me sick:

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