WATCH: White savior bro calls on Hillary Clinton to "sue the United States of America!"

"Women need you, minorities need you, I need you," the Clinton supporter yelled

By Brendan Gauthier

Published November 10, 2016 4:38PM (EST)

Across the country on Wednesday evening, protests against President-elect Donald Trump broke out in several major cities, including Chicago, where a CNN anchor stuck a microphone in front of an exceptionally roided out white savior.

"They're blocking the streets; they're burning flags; they're standing on buses; they're writing swear words all over buses," the distressed Hillary Clinton supporter said of the protesters. "It's not helping."

"I wanted Hillary to win more than anybody," he continued. "And to stand out here and to not have a call to action, and to not be specific — that's why we're here where we are now because we haven't been talking policy; we haven't been being specific."

He said fellow Clinton supporters are talking about "things that don't matter . . .  about personality and not policy." He then called on Clinton "to stand up right now and walk in and sue the United States of America."

"How many years ago, your vote would have been one-third," he said to the black CNN journalist who was interviewing him. "Guess what? Today it still is."

Seemingly unfamiliar with the Electoral College, the interviewee asked how Trump could have possibly won "fair and square," as the CNN journalist suggested, if Clinton had won the popular vote.

"More human beings voted for Hillary," the man on camera continued. "This isn't fair. . .  You didn't get a vote. It's just like back in the day when your vote was one-third."

"Hillary, you're a lawyer," he pleaded. "Walk in, go to the Supreme Court. I believe in you, Hillary. I've been to Rwanda — I've been to your hospital in Rwanda, I've seen all the good you've done," he added. "Women need you. Minorities need you. I need you. Chicago needs you. We all need you. This country needs you to stand up and walk into the Supreme Court and say, 'One vote equals one vote.' What's wrong with that? What's the debate?"

Watch below:

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