Michael Moore wants to lead an anti-Donald Trump resistance "that will dwarf Occupy Wall Street"

Trump, he argued, "is a man who doesn't have any ideology; the only thing he believes in is Donald Trump"

Published November 11, 2016 8:45PM (EST)

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore suggested the left form a resistance movement against President-elect Donald Trump.

"That doesn't make me feel good, the fact that I was right. I never wanted to be more wrong," Moore told The Times. "I just don't live in the bubble of New York and L.A. and I was worried with what I was witnessing in the Midwest, the Rust Belt, what I call the ‘Brexit’ states."

"I'm going to be one of the people leading the opposition to him, that's going to stop him. It will be a mass movement of millions that will dwarf Occupy Wall Street," he added. "I don't believe anyone in the media who says we're going to have four years of Trump. This is a man who doesn't have any ideology; the only thing he believes in is Donald Trump. And that's usually a one-way ticket out of office."

Moore said that as a consequence of Trump's victory, "The DNC has to resign. They all have to resign."

"We're not going to fix the Democratic Party — we're going to take it over," he warned. "The Democratic Party doesn't seem to get it. Working people that are both African-American and white — don't make it a racial thing — have suffered at the hands of both Republicans and Democrats."

Describing his involvement with the #NotMyPresident protests going on around country, Moore told CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday that Trump's "presidency has to be opposed right now."

"Republicans were ready to start the impeachment hearings on day one against Hillary Clinton," he said. "The other side needs to be ready to roll right now to do whatever needs to be done."

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