WATCH: "He loved himself on the world stage" — the contradictory legacy of Fidel Castro

Salon's Andrew O'Hehir and CubaUntold's David Ariosto sat down to discuss the life and legacy of Fidel Castro

By Peter Cooper
December 2, 2016 3:16AM (UTC)
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A stencil graffiti featuring Fidel Castro's image says in Spanish "Fidel among us," in an alleyway in Havana, Cuba, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016. (AP)

David Ariosto, founder of CubaUntold, stopped by Salon to discuss the controversial legacy of Fidel Castro. Castro led the Republic of Cuba for 47 years in total; he was prime minister from 1959 to 1976 and president from 1976 to 2006. He passed away on Nov. 25 in the Santiago de Cuba Province, Cuba.

"I think Fidel Castro was motivated by Fidel Castro," said Ariosto. "He loved himself on the world stage, he loved seeing himself as the bigger man." Watch for more.

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